Reward PointsΒΆ

This add-on enables a point-based bonus program in your store. In such a program, customers are rewarded for a product with a certain amount of bonus points that they receive at their accounts. Later they can use these points to pay for other products or just reduce the original products cost if the existing amount of points does not cover it completely.

Points can be bound to a separate product or product category. In the latter case, a customer receives points for purchasing any product from the category. Alternatively, points can be given as a part of a membership level, i.e. points are assigned to a user group and all customers who belong to the user group receive points every time they buy a product.

The possibility to buy a product for points is defined individually for each product. The product worth in points may be calculated automatically depending on the global settings or be set up individually for each product. The amount of points earned with the product can be inherited from the category settings or be specific to that product only. All individual values are set up in the Reward points tab of the product details page.