Product Features



A product feature has a number of properties, represented by fields.

The full list of supported fields is given below (mandatory fields are marked with *).


Any field not listed in the table below will be ignored if occurs in an API request JSON data.

Field name Description Default value Supported values
company_id* Store or vendor to which the feature belongs Default company ID Valid company ID
description* Feature name ‘’ string
feature_type* Feature type
C for Check box:Single
M for Check box:Multiple
S for Select box:Text
N for Select box:Number
E for Select box:Brand/Manufacturer
T for Others:Text
O for Others:Number
D for Others:Date
categories_path Categories to which the feature can be applied ‘’ Comma-separated string of category IDs
comparison Flag, take the feature into account on product comparison or not N
display_on_catalog Flag, show feature in product catalog or not N
display_on_product Flag, show feature on detailed product page N
display_on_header Flag, if enabled, the feature is shown under the product header N
feature_id Feature ID Set automatically integer
full_description Feature description ‘’ string
group_position Position in group 0 integer
parent_id ID of the parent group (0 if no parent group) 0 integer
position Feature position in the feature list 0 integer
prefix Feature name prefix ‘’ string
status Status A
A for active
D for disabled
H for hidden
suffix Feature name suffix ‘’ string
value Feature value Value depending on the feature type
value_int Feature integer value integer
variant_id (only for types with variants) ID of the selected variant integer
variants (only for types with variants) Available feature value variants array with variant ID as key and variant data as value (content explained below)

Product Feature Variants

Field name Description Default value Supported values
description Variant description ‘’ string
feature_id ID of the feature the variant is assigned to integer
feature_type Type of the feature the variant is assigned to Valid feature type (see above)
image_pair Brand/Manufacturer only: Images None Valid image pair
lang_code Language code Default language code Valid language code (see above)
meta_description Brand/Manufacturer only: Meta description ‘’ string
meta_keywords Brand/Manufacturer only: Meta keywords ‘’ string
page_title Brand/Manufacturer only: Page title ‘’ string
position Variant position 0 integer
selected ID of the selected variant Set automatically integer
url Brand/Manufacturer only: URL ‘’ string
variant Variant name string
variant_id Variant ID Set automatically integer