Pre- and Post-ControllersΒΆ

Pre-controllers and post-controllers are special PHP files of the add-on, which (depending on their names and location in the add-on file structure) are called before or after executing a standard controller.


  • In the /controllers/backend or /controllers/frontend directory of the Attachments add-on you can find the following file:

    The files in these directories are either controllers of the add-on or pre-/post-controllers for standard controllers.

  • The pre- or post-controller file name has the following structure:

    [controller name].[pre/post].php.

    As a controller with the name “products” is a standard one, the add-on can only declare pre- or post-controller for it.

    .post in the file name indicates that the file will be connected and executed after the standard controller products is performed. To set it in motion prior to the standard controller execution, .post should be replaced with .pre.