How To: Add a CS-Cart Site to a WordPress Page

The Widget mode allows you to embed the CS-Cart store to your WordPress site in just two steps.

Step 1. Get the Widget Code

1.1. Go to Design → Layouts in your CS-Cart Administration panel.

1.2. In the right side panel find the Switch layout section and choose Widget mode.

1.3. Copy the code from the Widget code section to clipboard.


You can also choose any other layout and use its code instead.

Widget code

Step 2. Add the Widget Code to WordPress Page

2.1. Log in to your WordPress administration panel.

2.2. In the left panel choose Pages → Add New. You can also choose Pages → All Pages to edit one of the existing pages.

WordPress Admin Panel

2.3. On the opened page speсify the title and simply paste the widget code from clipboard to the given text area.

2.4. Click the Publish button in the right section.

New Page

2.5. Click View Page near the Page published notification to see this WordPress page with your CS-Cart store added.