How To: Set up Australia Post in CS-Cart

Follow these steps to set up a shipping method that uses Australia Post:

Step 1. Create a Shipping Method

1.1. In the Administration panel, go to Administration → Shipping & Taxes → Shipping methods.

1.2. Create a new shipping method or click the name of an existing shipping method.

1.3. Set Rate calculation to Realtime.

1.4. Set Carrier to Australia Post.

1.5. Choose the desired Shipping service.

1.6. Configure other general settings as you see fit.


Make sure to set the Status to Active, or the shipping method won’t appear at checkout.

Choose Australia Post as a carrier and select the desired shipping service.

Step 2. Configure the Shipping Method

2.1. (optional) Switch to the Shipping charges tab and define shipping charges. These charges will be added to the ones calculated by Australia Post.

2.2. Switch to the Configure tab. Depending on your version of CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor, the settings will be different.


If you don’t see any tabs, then the shipping method probably hasn’t been created yet. Click Create, and the tabs should appear.

2.3. Enter your PAC API key.


PAC stands for Postage Assessment Calculator. Get PAC from Australia Post.

2.4. Specify the dimensions of the package:

Enter your API key for Postage Assessment Calculator and specify the dimensions of the package.

Step 3. Test Your Shipping Method

3.1. Once you’ve configured the shipping method, click Save.

3.2. Return to the General tab.

3.3. Click Calculate shipping cost link.

3.4. Enter the desired value into the Weight (lbs) input field, and click the Test button to make a test calculation of shipping charges.

After you configure the shipping method, return to the General tab and test the rate calculation for Australia Post.