How To: Set up DHL in CS-Cart

To configure a shipping method that uses DHL delivery services, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Administration → Shipping & Taxes → Shipping methods.

  2. Create a new shipping method or сlick the existing method to modify it.


    If you have created a new shipping method and want to hide it until you configure in properly, set the method’s Status to Disabled on the General tab, and click Save.

  3. Name the shipping method.

  4. Set Rate calculation to Realtime.

  5. Select DHL in the Carrier drop-down menu.

  6. Select the desired Shipping service (for example, DHL Express Worldwide).

    Name your shipping method and choose your Carrier and Shipping service.
  7. Switch to the Configure tab.


    Switching to other tabs is only available for existing shipping methods, so click Create if you don’t see the Configure tab.

  8. Enter your Site ID, Password and Account number.

  9. Define the dimensions and maximum weight of the box.

    Specify the DHL-specific settings on the Configure tab.
  10. Switch to the Shipping charges tab.

  11. Define a sum to add to the charges calculated by DHL.

    Specify any additional charges on the Shipping charges tab.
  12. Click Save.

  13. Open the General tab.

  14. Click the Calculate shipping cost link.

  15. Enter the desired value into the Weight (lbs) input field.

  16. Click the Test button and check that the calculated shipping cost is correct.

    Make a test calculation to make sure the shipping costs are correct.


    DHL uses the currency of the sender’s country to calculate shipping costs. Set your store’s primary currency under Administration → Currencies → <Desired Currency> to match the DHL currency determined by Account number.