How To: Invite Vendors


This functionality is available only in Multi-Vendor.

A marketplace sells products from many different vendors. The more vendors, the better. If you have email addresses of potential vendors, you’ll be able to send them invitations to your marketplace by email. To invite a vendor:

  1. Go to Vendors → Vendors in the administration panel of your marketplace.

  2. Click the Invite vendors button.

  3. Enter the emails of the people whom you’d like to invite to the marketplace as vendors. If you have more than one address, enter each one in a new line.


    An invitation won’t be sent to an email address that already exists in the system, or to which it has already been sent.

    Vendor invitation window in Multi-Vendor lets you enter one or multiple email addresses for sending the invitations to.
  4. Click Invite, and the emails will be sent.

  5. A link in the email will take a person to the registration page, with email already filled in.


    Use the link in the vendor invitation pop-up to edit the structure of the invitation email. Edit the texts of the email in Administration → Languages → Translations.