The current version of CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor uses jQuery. We provide all additional functionality as plugins.

General Rules

  1. Use the short notation ($) to summon all jQuery methods:



    Don’t use the jQuery variable to summon methods.

  2. When you create plugins, use the jQuery coding style. Functions follow the standard PHP guidelines.

    myVar = 123;
  3. Format inline JavaScript as follows:

    <script type="text/javascript">


    Try to keep inline JavaScript to a minimum. If you have to write logic in a template, then there is a problem with logic. Use inline JavaScript only to pass data from PHP to JavaScript.

  4. Connect external scripts with the {script} Smarty function

    {script src="js/core.js"}
  5. If you must load an external script with JavaScript, use ONLY the $.getScript function—it is adjusted to track the loaded scripts and to work with namespaces and third-party libraries.

  6. We store third-party JavaScript libraries in the js/lib directory. If we want to extend functionality, we write a wrapper like ceDialog.

  7. Use full notation with the reference to document for the ready event, that is summoned when the document is loaded.

    • Right:

      $(document).ready(function() {
          // do something


      $(function() {
            // do something
    • Wrong:

      $(function()), $(window).ready()



Callbacks are used in AJAX requests and in many other places. If you want to pass a callback to the method of a particular object, use an anonymous function:

$.ceAjax('request', url, {callback: function() {