Clearing the Cache

CS-Cart caches scripts, styles, templates, etc. to increase page loading speed. If the changes you’ve made don’t appear on the page, try clearing the cache.

By default, CS-Cart stores cache in the var/cache folder. There are several subfolders there:

  • templates—cache of the compiled templates
  • registry—Registry cache
  • static—static cache
  • misc—miscellaneous cache

Automatic Template and Static Cache Rebuilding

To make CS-Cart clear and rebuild template and static cache automatically, complete these steps:

  1. Open the Administration Panel.
  2. Go to Design → Themes.
  3. Set the Rebuild cache automatically setting to On. This tracks the modified files in real time and disables block cache.


Your store may work slower as a result. We recommend to turn this setting off after you complete the development.


If you try to use a new hook (for example, you add it to the init.php of an addon), clear the cache manually. Automatic cache rebuilding doesn’t add new hooks to the template hook cache.

You can configure CS-Cart to rebuild cache as soon as a file is modified.

Clearing Cache in a Browser

You can clear the cache by adding parameters to URLs in your browser:

  1. Open the Administration Panel.
  2. Add the cc parameter to the URL, so that it would look like this:

or like this:
  1. Press Enter.


Remember to rename admin.php for security reasons. Once you do it, use the new file name in the URL instead of admin.php.

You can add one of the following parameters to your URLs:

  • ct—delete all the thumbnails that were generated automatically
  • ctpl—clear template cache
  • cc—clear registry and miscellaneous cache
Add one of the parameters to the URL to clear the cache.

Manual Cache Clearing

You can clear the cache manually by deleting or renaming the var/cache folder in the CS-Cart installation directory. Use the command below:

cd root/folder/of/your/store/var
rm -r cache


Replace root/folder/of/your/store with the path to your store on the server.


The cache folder will reappear and the cache will be generated again after someone opens your store in a browser.