Filter Properties

The properties of a filter are grouped into several tabs.

Filter attributes


  • Name—the name of the filter.
  • Store—the storefront to which the filter belongs.
  • Pos.—the position of the filter relative to other filters.
  • Filter by—the feature or option by which the products will be filtered.
  • Display type—the way how the filter will be displayed on the storefront:
    • Expanded—filtering criteria are displayed on the screen in the Product filters block by default.
    • Minimized—filtering criteria are hidden until a customer clicks the arrow icon.
  • Number of displayed filter variants before scroll—the number of filter variants that will be displayed simultaneously. Customers will have to scroll through the list to see other variants.


A list of categories where the filter will be displayed. If no category is specified, the filter will appear in all categories.


If a customer runs a search for a product on the storefront, all active filters that have appropriate products will be displayed, regardless of the category.


Stores that share this product filter. Learn more about sharing objects.