Organizations and Representatives [Beta]


This functionality is available in our B2B products.

B2B store means “business to business”. The customers of a B2B store are other businesses with multiple employees. The Organizations and Representatives allows multiple employees of an organization to:

  • have their own accounts in your store;
  • work with orders on behalf of their organization.


  1. Turn a storefront into B2B storefront. A B2B storefront allows customers to specify information about their organization during registration.

    A B2B storefront shows fields specific for an organization on the registration page.


    You can customize the fields that a customer must fill in about their organization. To edit the registration page, go to Administration → Profile fields and switch to Organization information.

  2. After registration, the customer will become the owner of the organization. An owner can create representatives — other customers that can view and place orders on behalf of the organization.

  3. A representative can work with all orders on behalf of the organization. The owner can create or delete representatives and change the organization details.

    Organization owner can manage representatives on the storefront.

Add-on Settings

The add-on has only one setting:

  • B2B Storefronts—determines which storefronts will have the fields for info about the organization on the registration page.

    Organization can only be created on a B2B storefront.