SEO Rules


To control the URL names in your store, enable and configure the SEO add-on under Add-ons → Manage add-ons.

The Website → SEO → SEO rules section allows you to define rules for URL rewriting in your store. You can replace URLs like with user-friendly URLs optimized for search engines, like Moreover, with the provided multi-language support, your shopping cart will be indexed by search engine crawlers in different languages.

Here you need to specify the URLs that should be rewritten and their substitution names.

  • Dispatch value—the value of the dispatch parameter from the standard URL (for example, auth.login_form for the URL
  • SEO name—the value to which the standard URL will be changed (for example, login for auth.login_form). You can specify this value with .html extension if required.

You can use the following list as an example:

Edit the SEO rules under Website → SEO → SEO rules.