How To: Add a Banner to the Homepage

Step 1. Create a Banner

  1. Go to Marketing → Banners in the Administration panel of your store.
  2. Click the + button on the right and in the new page:
    • Specify the Name of the banner (e.g. New banner).
    • In the Type select box select Graphic banner.
    • Upload an image for the banner.
    • Tick the Open in new window (graphic banner only) checkbox, if you want the URL under the banner to be opened in a new window/tab.
    • If needed, specify the URL to which the banner is linked in the URL (graphic banner only) field.
  3. Click the Create and close button.
New banner

Step 2. Add the Banner to the Homepage

To make a banner appear on the homepage, you’ll need to create a block for banners there first.

  1. Go to Design → Layout and switch to the Homepage tab.
  2. Click + in the desired container and choose Add block.
  3. Go to the Create new block tab and choose Banners. In the new window:
    • Specify the Name of the block (e.g. Banners).
    • Select Carousel in the Template select box and click the Settings link next to it:
      • Navigation — choose how a visitor can switch between the banners in the storefront.
      • Delay (in seconds) — set how quickly the banners change.
Banners block
  1. Go to the Content tab and choose Manually as Filling.
  2. Click Add banners and choose banners you want to display in the storefront. Click Add banners and close.
  3. Click the Create button.