How To: Change Domain Name

  1. Edit the config.local.php file in the root directory of your CS-Cart installation:

    $config['http_host'] = 'old_domain';
    $config['http_path'] = '';
    $config['https_host'] = 'old_domain';
    $config['https_path'] = '';
    $config['http_host'] = 'new_domain';
    $config['http_path'] = '';
    $config['https_host'] = 'new_domain';
    $config['https_path'] = '';
  2. Edit storefront URL in the admin panel:

    • Go to Administration → Stores (in CS-Cart) or Administration → Storefronts (in Multi-Vendor).

    • Click on the name of the storefront to open its settings.

    • Change the domain there and save your changes.

      Changing domain name in CS-Cart.
  3. Delete or rename the /var/cache directory to clear the cache of your store.