How To: Manage Subscribers

You can manage newsletter subscribers in the Marketing → Subscribers section of the administration panel.


This section is available only when the Email marketing add-on is activated in the Add-ons → Manage add-ons section.

You can add new subscribers with the + button in the right upper part of the page.

To remove a subscriber, click the gear button of the required one and choose Delete.

To export or delete several subscribers at once, select their checkboxes, click the gear button in the top right corner of the page and choose the required action. Choose Export all to export all subscribers in the list at once.

In the right part of the page you can see the following settings:

  • Newsletter checkbox on checkout - Allow users to subscribe for newsletters on checkout.
  • Double opt-in - If enabled, when subscribing a user will receive a letter suggesting to confirm subscription.
  • Send a welcome letter with the unsubscribe link - The user will receive a letter to the specified email that will contain the unsubscribe link. Using this link he/she will be be able to refuse receiving newsletters.

Subscriber attributes

When you add a new subscriber, you need to specify the following attributes:

  • E-mail - Email address of the subscriber.
  • Name - Name of the subscriber as it appears in the newsletter.
  • Language - Language in which the subscriber receives the newsletters.


CS-Cart supports bulk subscriber attributes import and export by using the standard export/import feature in sections Administration → Export Data → Subscribers and Administration → Import Data → Subscribers.