How To: Set up PayPal Adaptive Payments in Multi-Vendor


The PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on comes with Multi-Vendor starting with version 4.5.1. Please note that PayPal doesn’t accept new registrations for Adaptive Payments. The article is relevant only for the existing users of that solution.

Step 1. Configure Payment Method

1.1. Install and configure the PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on.

1.2. Go to Administration → Payment methods and click the + button in the top right corner to add a payment method.

1.3. A new pop-up window with the payment method creation form will open. Fill in the fields on the General tab:

  • Name—the name the new payment method. That’s the name that the customers will see at checkout.
  • Processor—the online payment processor that will handle the transactions. Choose PayPal Adaptive from the drop-down menu.
  • If necessary, specify the data in other fields as you see fit.
The general settings of a PayPal Adaptive payment method.

1.4. Switch to the Configure tab. It contains the settings specific to PayPal Adaptive Payments.

  • PayPal workflow:

  • Store settings:

    • Use customer’s choice of currency—let’s assume you accept payments in US Dollars in PayPal, but the customer tries pays in Euros:
      • The checkbox is ticked: the payment amount will be automatically converted.
      • The checkbox is not ticked: the payment will be declined, and the customer will be asked to pay in the currency specified in the settings.
    • Pending payment—select the status that the order will get until the customer makes the payment.
  • PayPal credentials—enter your credentials in this section. We have a separate article about getting credentials and configuring your account for PayPal Adaptive Payments.

1.5. Once you have configured the payment method, click Create.

The general settings of a PayPal Adaptive payment method.

Step 2. Enter PayPal Account Data for Vendors

Make sure that vendors specify the email addresses associated with their functioning PayPal Business accounts. To do that:

2.1. Open Multi-Vendor Administration panel and go to Vendors → Vendors.

2.2. Click the name of the desired vendor.

2.3. The vendor editing window will open. Scroll down and fill in all the fields in the PayPal Adaptive Payments section. Your vendors can also enter that data themselves.

A vendor should specify the email of their PayPal Business Account, as well as the account holder's first name and last name.

2.4. After the changes are saved, the add-on automatically requests confirmation from PayPal that the provided email addresses are valid for transactions.

We recommend you set up a CRON job that verifies the emails of vendors automatically every now and then. The link for the CRON job can be found in the settings of the PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on.


When a customer buys products from multiple vendors in one order, all of those vendors must be verified. Otherwise the customer won’t be able to choose the payment method that uses PayPal Adaptive Payments.

All vendors must be verified, or customer won't be able to use PayPal Adaptive Payments to buy products from them in one order.