How To: Assign Notifications to Specific Users or User Groups

Starting with version 4.12.1 of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, you can decide what email notifications to send, and who will receive them.

Let’s say you want your order manager to only receive notifications of orders, and your administrator — to receive notifications of vendors and their statuses. To do this:

  1. Go to Administration → Notifications.

  2. Choose the notifications section and click Manage.

  3. In the new window specify the recipients:

    • one or multiple user groups;
    • one or multiple users (for example, specific administrators);
    • specific email adresses (available only on the Administrator notifications tab).
  4. Click the Apply button.

    Assigning the recipients of notifications


Before version 4.12.1, emails were sent to the addresses from the Settings → Company page. Now the Administration → Notifications page sets the rules for notifications. If there are no rules, then the company settings apply.