Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.15.1

Add-on Changes

“GDPR Compliance (EU)” Add-on

In 4.15.1, we introduced a new tool that allows users to refuse optional cookies and view the list of cookies that the store uses.

Existing Cookies

  1. Strictly necessary cookies (cannot be disabled) — strictly_necessary
  2. Performance cookies — performance
  3. Functional cookies — functional
  4. Marketing cookies — marketing

The names that should be used as cookie purpose in the schema are specified after the “—”.

Extend Cookies with an Add-on

If your add-on brings new cookies and you want to extend the existing list to comply with the standard, then you need to:

  1. Extend the gdpr/klaro_config.php schema.

    Each schema element has the following structure:

    $schema['services']['cookie_name'] = [
     'purposes' => ['cookie_purpose'],
        'name' => 'cookie_name',
        'translations' => [
            'zz' => [
                'title' => 'langvar_identifier',
                'description' => 'langvar_identifier'
        'required' => true/false,
        'default' => true/false
    return $schema;
  2. Add the required language variables to the

        (function (_, $) {
                "langvar_identifier": '{__("langvar_identifier")|escape:"javascript"}'
        })(Tygh, Tygh.$);
  3. Enable the JS script that will set the cookie. There are several ways to do it:


    {script src="path/script.js" cookie-name="cookie_name"}



Core Changes

Value changes of fields in order info

  1. The type of tax calculation that is used when creating an order is stored in the order information and is available in the calculation_type field for each tax in the $order_info['taxes'] array.
  2. When calculating tax per unit, taxes excluded from the price are no longer added to the following values:
    • $order_info['shipping_cost'];
    • $order_info['products'][$pid]['subtotal'], where $pid is the product ID in this array.

New Classes

  1. \Tygh\VendorPayoutDetailsBuilder—creates array of payout components to simplify additional calculations.

Removed Classes

  1. \Tygh\Addons\VendorRating\Calculator\EvalBackend

New Functions

  1. Forms params from request for getting product picker list:

  2. Updates product subscriber (updates, if product subscriber exist; inserts, if it is not):

    fn_update_product_subscriber($product_id, $subscriber_data)
  3. Deletes subscribers of the product:

  4. Determines whether to allow user access to the admin API or not:

    fn_check_user_type_admin_area_for_api(array $user_data = [])
  5. Prevents usage of deleted and disabled currencies:

    fn_save_currencies_integrity($primary_currency = CART_PRIMARY_CURRENCY)
  6. Starts a database transaction:

    db_transaction(Closure $closure, $attempts = 1)
  7. Checks if the current user has access to the storefront manage:

  8. Adds storefront id to params:

    fn_prepare_storefront_id(array &$params, $field)
  9. Gets the default company id for storefront:


Changed Functions

  1. // Old:
    fn_get_default_product_options($product_id, $get_all = false, array $product = []);
    // New:
    fn_get_default_product_options($product_id, $get_all = false, array $product = [], $only_avail = false);
  2. // Old:
    // New:
    fn_is_allowed_options($product, $only_avail = false);
  3. // Old:
    fn_checkout_get_shippping_calculation_type(array $cart, $is_location_changed);
    // New:
    fn_checkout_get_shippping_calculation_type(array $cart, $is_location_changed, $is_shipping_method_changed = false).
  4. // Old:
    fn_export_product_descr($product_id, $value, $lang_code, $field);
    // New:
    fn_export_product_descr($product_id, $value, $lang_code, $field, $skip_edition_check = false);
  5. // Old:
    fn_import_product_descr(array $data, $product_id, $field, $is_new = false, array $object = []);
    // New:
    fn_import_product_descr(array $data, $product_id, $field, $is_new = false, array $object = [], $skip_edition_check = false).

Hook Changes

New Hooks

  1. This hook is executed before creating common product offer:

    fn_set_hook('master_products_create_vendor_product_pre', $master_product_id, $company_id, $product, $result, $can_create);
  2. This hook changes parameters for getting products picker list:

    fn_set_hook('products_form_product_list_params_post',  $request, $params);
  3. This hook is executed before placing an order to create an order through API request. Allows you to modify cart data:

    fn_set_hook('api_orders_create_before_place_order', $params, $status, $data, $valid_params, $cart, $customer_auth, $order_placement_action);
  4. This hook is executed after new call request creation. Allows you to use data and ID of the created request:

    fn_set_hook('create_call_request_post', $data, $request_id;
  5. This hook is executed when an exception was not handled, allowing users to log exceptions:

    fn_set_hook('error_handler_handle_exception', $exception);
  6. This hook is executed before updating user group:

    fn_set_hook('update_usergroup_pre', $usergroup_data, $usergroup_id, $lang_code);
  7. This hook is executed before deleting user groups:

    fn_set_hook('delete_usergroups_pre', $usergroup_ids);
  8. This hook is executed before returning payout details for updating order:

    fn_set_hook('vendor_payout_details_builder_create_updated_details_post', $this, $updated_order_info, $old_details, $updated_details);
  9. This hook is executed after creation all payout components. Allows you to add specific components:

    fn_set_hook('vendor_payout_details_builder_create_details_post', $this, $order_info, $cart, $payout_details);
  10. This hook allows you to perform additional actions after add-on installation:

    fn_set_hook('install_addon_post', $addon, $show_notification, $install_demo, $allow_unmanaged);
  11. This hook is executed after add-on updating:

    fn_set_hook('update_addon_post', $settings, $storefront_id);
  12. This hook is executed after getting add-on list. Allows you to modify the list:

    fn_set_hook('get_addons_post', $params, $items_per_page, $lang_code, $storefront_id, $company_id, $addons, $addons_counter);
  13. This allows you to edit the parameters:

    fn_set_hook('get_carts_pre', $params, $items_per_page, $fields, $condition, $join);
  14. This hook prepares the parameters before finding the storefront:

    fn_set_hook('storefront_repository_find_pre', $params, $items_per_page, $fields);
  15. This hook is executed after the calculation of the supported image formats allows you to change this list:

    fn_set_hook('image_helper_get_supported_formats_post', $object_type, $supported_formats);
  16. This hook is executed after requesting variant selection, allows you to modify its result:

    fn_set_hook('get_current_filters_after_variants_select_query', $params, $filters, $selected_filters, $area, $lang_code, $variant_values, $field_variant_values, $filter_id, $filter, $result, $fields_join, $products_table_base_joins, $fields_where, $products_table_base_conditions);

Changed Hooks

  1. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('master_products_reindex_storefront_offers_count', $params, $conditions);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('master_products_reindex_storefront_offers_count', $params, $conditions, $all_vendors_storefront_ids);
  2. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('master_products_reindex_storefront_min_price', $params, $conditions);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('master_products_reindex_storefront_min_price', $params, $conditions, $all_vendors_storefront_ids);
  3. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('vendor_plans_calculate_commission_for_payout_before', $order_info, $company_data, $payout_data, $total, $shipping_cost, $surcharge_from_total, $surcharge_to_commission, $commission, $taxes);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('vendor_plans_calculate_commission_for_payout_before', $order_info, $company_data, $payout_data, $total, $shipping_cost, $surcharge_from_total, $surcharge_to_commission, $commission, $taxes, $vendor_taxes).
  4. // Old:
    fn_set_hook('init_currency_post', $params, $area, $primary_currency, $secondary_currency);
    // New:
    fn_set_hook('init_currency_post', $params, $area, $primary_currency, $secondary_currency, $currencies).