Back-End Sign-In via Google


This add-on first appeared in CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor 4.9.1. It doesn’t affect vendors in Multi-Vendor, only marketplace administrators.

The Back-End Sign-In via Google add-on changes the way how administrators access the admin panel: instead of entering an email address and a password, they select the Gmail email address associated with their account and are simply redirected to the admin panel (assuming they have signed in to their Google account).

This approach achieves 2 goals:

  • Make the lives of your admins easier: they will only need to remember one password (from their Google account) and know the URL of the administration panel.

  • Make your store more secure: Google offers 2-step verification that makes it much harder to get unauthorized access to the email account and, by extension, to the admin panel of your store.


    Before you set up the add-on, make sure that all your administrators have Gmail email addresses. An administrator’s account will be accessible only if it is associated with a Google email address, and the administrator has access to that address.

    Signing in to the admin panel via Google.