Table is Marked as Crashed and Should be RepairedΒΆ

You’ll see this error, if a table has been corrupted and needs to be repaired. For example, if that happens to the cscart_sessions table, you’ll see the following error:

Database error: Table 'cscart_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired


A PHP script like CS-Cart cannot crash a MySQL database table. Usually, MyISAM tables can get corrupted after a system failure.

To solve this these problem, complete the steps below:

  1. Download the repair4.php file.
  2. Upload repair4.php to the root CS-Cart directory on your server.
  3. Launch the script by opening an URL like this in your browser:

Remember to replace the parts of the URL with your details:

  • Replace with the name of your domain, like
  • Replace your_cscart_directory with the name of the directory where CS-Cart is installed on your server; for example, if your store is available at, then replace your_cscart_directory with shop. If your store is available directly at, then remove /your_cscart_directory from the URL.
  • Replace cscart_table_name with the name of the crashed table, like cscart_sessions in the example above.


If your store is available directly at, and the crashed table is cscart_sessions, the URL you use will be as follows: