The Website → Pages section lets you create and publish new content of the following types:

  • Page—a simple page that can only contain a text formatted in HTML. Good for various descriptions and policies.

  • Form (requires the Form Builder add-on)—a page that contains a contact form and optionally a text formatted in HTML. A user-friendly form builder doesn’t require any technical skills (such as HTML knowledge).

  • Poll (requires the Polls add-on)—a survey or a questionnaire.

  • Link—a reference to an external web resource or any page of your web site. It serves two purposes:

    • It can appear among other content pages when you create a new block of the “Pages” type.

    • It lets you create links that seemingly belong to your site, but lead to your other resources, such as Facebook page.

      So, instead of giving your customers a link to, you can give them a link like that will lead to the same Facebook page.


      To use a link in this manner, the SEO add-on must be active. Otherwise, the link will look like this: