API Response ErrorsΒΆ

Code Description
400 “Bad Request” The request is invalid. For example, something is missing in it or there is a syntax error.
401 “Unauthorized” Authorisation data are not valid or missing.
403 “Forbidden” Access is not allowed. For example, there are no permissions for the request.
404 “Not Found” The requested object does not exist.
405 “Method Not Allowed” Initialized method is not supported for the request-URI.
406 “Not Acceptable” The resource cannot generate a response in the format specified in the request (the accept header has an invalid type).
409 “Conflict” The change is being rejected due to a condition imposed by the server. The reasons for that may vary and may be described in the response.
413 “Request Entity Too Large” The client requests more objects than the allowed maximum is.
415 “Unsupported Media Type” Invalid content-type header.
500 “Internal Server Error” Server-side error. The request cannot be processed.
501 “Not Implemented” The request method is not supported by the API.
503 “Service Unavailable” The store is closed or is being upgraded to a new version.
507 “Insufficient Storage” The server is unable to store the representation needed to successfully complete the request.
509 “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded” The requests-per-hour limitations for the API have been reached.