How To: Create an Additional StoreΒΆ


This article is about creating a storefront in CS-Cart Ultimate. There is another article for Multi-Vendor Ultimate.

Storefronts in CS-Cart allow you to enter new markets. They are useful when you want to tailor a part of your business to a specific audience, country, region, or product niche.

To create an additional store:

  1. Add a new storefront in the admin panel.

  2. Set up the storefront on the server. Now you can switch between storefronts.

    Select the storefront you want to edit from the list in the upper left corner of the admin panel.
  3. If the new storefront is for the market of another country, then for new customers set up a redirect to the storefront tailored to their country.

  4. Fill the created storefront with:

    • Products. Create new products or use existing ones by assigning new categories to the product.

      In CS-Cart, categories determine the storefronts to which a product belong. Accordingly, product affiliation to the category determines the product’s availability on the storefront. Even though one product can be shared among several storefronts, such properties as price, description, discounts and some others can be different on different storefronts.

    • Payment and shipping methods. Create new payment and shipping methods or use existing ones by changing the settings on the Storefronts tab of the payment or shipping method.

  5. Configure other settings for language, currency, design, storefront appearance, customer actions, etc.