Cloning a themeΒΆ

To create a new theme, first of all clone a basic CS-Cart theme.

To clone a theme, go to the design/themes directory of your CS-Cart installation and make a copy of a directory containing a basic theme. In our example it is the responsive directory. Rename the copied directory to tutorial_theme, for example.

Theme information is stored in the manifest.json file.

Open the newly created tutorial_theme directory and find the manifest.json file there. In the title field write Tutorial theme. In the description field write something like Tutorial Theme especially designed for this tutorial.

The paths to a theme logo and favicon are also defined in the manifest.json file.

Go to the following directories to replace a logo and favicon for the new theme: tutorial_theme/media/images (a logo - cart.png) and tutorial_theme/media/images/icons (a favicon - favicon.ico).

"title": "Tutorial theme",
"description": "Tutorial Theme especially designed for this tutorials.",
"logo": "media/images/cart.png",
"developer": "Simtech",
"favicon": "media/images/icons/favicon.ico",
"parent_theme": "responsive"

Save the file.

After cloning a theme and adding its information you should activate it in the administration panel.

To do it, go to the Design > Themes section and click Activate on the Tutorial theme: Modern style.