Some Options Do Not Function in the Store

Some servers use the Suhosin extension for protection. However, it can cause some problems—check whether your server uses Suhosin, if you encounter any of the following problems:

  • Some pages are not accessible.
  • The cart is emptied when changing from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • The users are logged out when changing from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • The Add to cart button does not work.
  • There are problems with the template area and with adding categories, etc.
  • The Upgrade Center does not work correctly.


There are other problems that may be caused by Suhosin: even if your problem isn’t listed above, check if your server uses Suhosin.

You can check whether your server uses Suhosin on the PHP information page:

  • Open your store’s administration panel and go to Administration → Logs.
  • Click the gear button and choose PHP information from the drop-down menu. This will open the page with the PHP settings of your server.
  • Search for suhosin.

If you find any records with this word, it means that your server is protected by the Suhosin extension. Contact your server administrator and ask them to disable the Suhosin extension for your account.