How To: Contribute to CS-Cart Localization via CrowdinΒΆ

Crowdin is a web service for collaborative translation, which allows any community member to contribute to the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor translations.

To contribute to a localization via Crowdin, follow these steps:

  1. Before you start translating, please read the FAQ about Crowdin on our forum.
  2. Go to our project at Crowdin.
  3. Create an account there.
  4. Select the translation you want to contribute to from the Needs Translation list, for example, French.


You can contribute to several translations, if you are sure that you know the languages well enough.

Choose the language you want to translate CS-Cart to.
  1. A new page will open. As you can see, the translation is divided into several parts: add-ons, editions and core.
  2. Click on the file you want to start translating. For example, click on core.po.
Select the file you want to contribute to.
  1. A new page will open; this is where you work on translations. In the left column click on the language variable you want to translate.
Select the language variable you want to translate.


A green tick next to a language variable means that it has been translated and approved. A green dot means that the variable has been translated, but has not been approved. A red dot means that the variable has not been translated.


Click the funnel button to filter the language variables. For example, use the filter to see only language variables that miss translation or only the approved ones.

  1. In the central part of the page you can see the language variable in the Text for translation field. Type your translation in the field below and click the Save button. Then you will see your translation in the Suggestions field.


Validators approve the most appropriate translation among all variants, suggested by translators. A translation approved by a validator has a green tick next to it, as well as the time and date of approval.

  1. In the right part of the page you can leave comments and discuss translations with other translators and validators.
Crowdin provides the means to discuss translations.