How To: Manage Menu Items


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To manage the content of the menu:

  • In the Administration panel, go to Design → Menus and click the gear button of the desired menu.
  • Choose Manage items from the drop down list.
Menu items

Here you can edit or delete each item (the gear button), or add new items to the list with the + button.

To edit or add the item, fill in the form with the following attributes:

  • Parent item - Select the necessary parent level.

  • Name - Type the name of your item (e.g. New Item).

  • Pos. - Specify the link position.

  • URL - Enter the URL of the page which will open when the link is clicked on (e.g. index.php?dispatch=categories.catalog).

  • Activate menu item for dispatch - Specify the pages on which to display the tab as active (e.g. sitemap.view).


    If you use two or more pages, leave this field empty.

  • Generate submenu - Select whether submenu containing child elements of the selected object (None = no submenu; Category = subcategories of the selected category; Page = child pages of the selected page) should be generated.

  • User-defined CSS class - User-defined CSS class will be added to the menu item, so this will allow to define the menu item with its own CSS style.