Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.4.3

Common Changes

  1. The PhpMailer library was updated to version 5.2.22.

  2. The symfony/console library was added as a core dependency.

  3. The ability to upgrade a store via console was implemented:

    • Run an upgrade:

      php admin.php --dispatch=upgrade_center.console upgrade
    • Show instructions on how to use the command:

      php admin.php --dispatch=upgrade_center.console help upgrade
  4. Google reCAPTCHA was integrated as a separate add-on.

Hook Changes

New Hooks

  1. This hook allows you to modify the addresses used to form the URLs with the selected protocol in the admin and customer areas:

    fn_set_hook('url_set_locations', $url, $area, $protocol, $lang_code, $locations);
  2. This hook is executed before any search SQL conditions are generated:

    fn_set_hook('get_products_search_conditions_pre', $params, $items_per_page, $lang_code, $search_text_fields_table_alias, $fields, $sortings, $condition, $join, $having);
  3. This hook is executed before the package information is calculated. It allows you to modify the arguments passed to the function:

    fn_set_hook('shippings_get_package_info_pre', $group, $include_free_shipping);
  4. This hook is executed right after cost, weight, amount of products and shipping freight for the package are calculated. It allows you to modify the data and to affect how products are distributed by boxes according to their shipping properties and the settings of a shipping method:

    fn_set_hook('shippings_get_package_info', $group, $include_free_shipping, $package_info);
  5. This hook is executed right before returning package information, allowing you to modify it:

    fn_set_hook('shippings_get_package_info_post', $group, $include_free_shipping, $package_info, $package_groups);

Changed Hooks

// old:
fn_set_hook('fill_user_fields', $exclude);

// new:
fn_set_hook('fill_user_fields', $exclude, $user_data);

Core Functions

New functions

  1. Get the name of the add-on by identifier:

    \Tygh\Addons\SchemesManager::getName($addon_id, $lang_code)
  2. Calculate the offset of given time zone to UTC time zone in seconds:

  3. Return human-readable value of a setting:

    \Tygh\Settings::getValueReadable($setting_data, $value = null)
  4. \Tygh\Web\Antibot class was added to integrate Google reCAPTCHA. It is available as ‘antibot’ application component (Tygh::$app['antibot']). Functions fn_image_verification() and fn_needs_image_verification() are using it internally now.

Changed Functions

  1. \Tygh\Tools\DateTimeHelper::getTimeZoneOffsetString($time_zone_name) now returns false on failure.

  2. fn_get_attachment($attachment_id) now returns false, if the attachment could not be obtained.

  3. // old:
    \Tygh\UpgradeCenter\App::setNotification($type, $title, $message)
    // new:
    \Tygh\UpgradeCenter\App::setNotification($type, $title, $message, $message_state = '')