Changes in the Interface

You have just installed, activated, and configured the new eBay Synchronization add-on. The first thing you’ll notice is that the menu has changed. There is now a new subsection of the Marketing menu called eBay.

The Marketing menu has a new eBay subsection.
  • eBay or eBay templates will take you to the list of your eBay templates
  • eBay logs will take you to the log page with eBay export history and errors encountered during the export of your products to eBay
  • eBay products will take you to the list of products that have an assigned eBay template

But that’s not all! You’ll see a new eBay tab under Products → Products → <Desired product> and Products → Categories → <Desired Category>. On those tabs you’ll find various eBay-associated parameters for products and categories.

The new eBay tab for products and categories.

A new eBay column under Products → Products shows a product’s current eBay template and status.