How To: Display Prices on the Storefront Only in Secondary Currency

We have developed a free add-on that displays prices on the storefront only in one selected currency. You can also choose one currency for the Administration panel. The currencies you choose for the Administration panel and the storefront don’t have to be the primary currency.


If you want to have selectable currencies on the storefront, but want to have a secondary currency selected by default, please check this article.

A price in a secondary currency is displayed on the storefront. Customers can't select other currencies.

Step 1. Install the Add-on

  1. Download the Product Prices in Secondary Currency add-on using this link. You’ll get a ZIP archive.


    You’re also welcome to visit the add-on’s repository on GitHub.

  2. Log in to the Administration panel of your store.

  3. Go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.

  4. Сlick the + button to upload the add-on.

Add-ons plus button
  1. In the pop-up window click Local, and choose the ZIP archive you downloaded earlier.
  2. Click Upload & install.
Upload and install pop-up

Step 2. Choose the Currencies

  1. Find Product Prices in the Secondary Currency on the list of add-ons and click on the add-on’s name.
The Product Prices in the Secondary Currency add-on
  1. You’ll see two settings: Desired admin currency code and Desired storefront currency code. Fill in both fields.


    You can find the currency codes under Administration → Currencies. The codes appear to the left of the exchange rate.

  2. Click Save.


    When editing products, you’ll have to specify the prices in the primary currency of your store. This is because all calculations are still done in the primary currency. Prices in other currencies are simply displayed according to the rate that you specify.

The codes of the currencies in a CS-Cart store.