Block Settings


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Blocks can have the following specific settings:

Display bottom buttons

Select to display View cart and Checkout buttons in the mini-cart.


Display delete icons

Select to display the Delete icon in the mini-cart.

Do not scroll automatically

Select to disable automatic items scrolling (items will scroll only when clicking arrows).

Displayed vendors

Number of vendors to be displayed in the block.


This setting is available only for Multi-Vendor.

Feed description

Description of the RSS feed.

Feed title

Title of the RSS feed.


Format to display items - text titles or icons.

Hide add to cart button

If selected, the Add to cart button does not appear in the block.

Item quantity

Number of items displaying in the block at the same time.


Maximum number of testimonials displayed in the block.

Minimal number if items to be placed in a dropdown list

If the number of available items is equal or exceeds the number that you enter here, the selector is displayed as a drop-down list.

Number of items

Number of items (products or pages) to be included in an RSS feed.

Pause delay (in seconds)

Pause between items replacing each other in a scroller.


Select to display testimonials randomly. Otherwise, the latest testimonials will be displayed in the box.


The number that shows the scrolling speed: the bigger the number - the higher the speed.


A short text to be displayed right to the selector. This can be something like Select a language or Choose a currency.