How To: Embed a Store into a Facebook Page


The method described in this article no longer works for new Facebook pages. If you’re planning to create a page with an embedded CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor store, you’ll need at least version 4.8.2 and this free add-on.

CS-Cart Facebook App allows you to embed an existing CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor store into a Facebook page in a matter of minutes.

The app works similarly to the Widget Mode: you just copy a few lines of code, paste them on the app page, and specify the Facebook page where you want the store embedded.

Your store will immediately appear on the specified Facebook page as a new app, ready for work right away. This is a great way to get closer to your store’s audience and draw more customers.

An embedded CS-Cart store as it appears on a Facebook page.

Facebook requires apps to secure data with SSL certificates. That’s why your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor storefront must be accessible via HTTPS for the app to work properly.

Go to Settings → Security settings and set Enable secure connection for the storefront to Secure full site. You must install an SSL certificate on your server before you do that.

Step 1. Select a Facebook Page for Your Store

1.1. Go to the app page on Facebook and click the Select page button.

Choosing a Facebook page for CS-Cart store.

1.2. Pick the page you want to add the store to and click Add Page Tab.

Confirming the page choice.

1.3. The page will reload and you’ll see a table with your Facebook store with status Pending.

Step 2. Copy the Widget Code

2.1. Open the Administration panel of your store in another tab.

2.2. Go to Design → Layouts and copy the widget code from the layout you want to use in your Facebook store.


Although you can use your default layout for Facebook, you might want to use a separate layout: that way you’ll be able to change the look of your main store and Facebook store separately.

Getting the widget code from CS-Cart.

2.3. Back on the CS-Cart Facebook App page, click Set store, and paste the code into the Widget code box.

2.4. Enter your CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor license number in the License number field.


If you proceed without entering your license number, you’ll get a 14-day trial for the app.

2.5. Click Save.

Getting the widget code from CS-Cart.

That’s it! Now, your store is available right in your Facebook page, ready to take and process orders.

Step 3. Customize Your Facebook Store

You can also change your Facebook store appearance right from your CS-Cart admin panel:

  • Design → Themes—pick a visual style for your storefront: colors, fonts, etc.

  • Design → Layouts—re-arrange the blocks of your storefront.


    If you use your default layout for the Facebook store, these changes will affect your main store too.

CS-Cart’s Responsive theme has a built-in Facebook style designed to blend into Facebook’s interface.