Problem with Realtime Shipping or Payment Methods

Most of realtime shipping services (UPS, FedEx) and payment processors (PayPal, Google Checkout, AuthorizeNet.Aim, etc.) require cURL support on your server. If your realtime shipping method does not pass shipping rates from the shipping service server, or orders get the Failed status after they are paid using a payment processor, it may be caused by a problem with the CURL PHP extension on your server.

  1. Check whether PHP CURL support is enabled on your server.

  2. If PHP Curl extension is installed on your server, but real-time shipping services do not work, the problem is likely caused by the fact that the server uses proxy. If that is the case, follow the instructions below:

    • In the Administration panel, go to Settings → General.
    • Enter your proxy settings to the appropriate fields in the Proxy settings section.
    • Click the Save button.


    If your hosting provider is GoDaddy, enter the following parameters:

    Proxy host:

    Proxy port: 3128

    Proxy user: leave blank

    Proxy password: leave blank