Adapt Your Add-ons and Themes to CS-Cart 4.5.2

Common Changes

  1. A new microformat was added; it serves to load data part by part when scrolling. To use the microformat, include the js/tygh/infinite_scroll.js script and add two containers in the template:

    • The first container is a <div> that sets the permanent height for the area where scrolling will take place. This <div> must have the following parameters:
      • class="cm-scroll-data"—the class that adds scrolling.
      • id="{id}" (for example, id="my_scroll")—the scrolling identifier that serves to distinguish blocks with scrolling from each other. Each block with scrolling must have its own {id}, and each {id} must be unique within the template.
      • data-ca-target-id="X"—the identifiers of the blocks to be updated.
    • The second container (for example, <div> or <tbody>) is located within the first container. The second container includes the data that will be loaded in parts. This container must have the following parameters:
      • class="cm-scroll-content cm-ajax"
        • cm-scroll-content serves to load the next part of data when scrolling.
        • cm-ajax enables updating the block’s content via AJAX.
      • id="X"—the identifier of the block that is updated.

    The blocks that have the following IDs will be hidden during scrolling:

    • head_scroll_{id} (for example, head_scroll_my_scroll) — the header of the table.
    • total_scroll_{id} (for example, total_scroll_my_scroll) — the “Total” line of the table.
  2. A new microformat was added to load data via AJAX when switching between tabs. The data for each tab is only loaded once; when you open a tab again, the previously loaded data will be displayed.

    To use the microformat, include the js/tygh/tabs.js script and add the ajax_onclick = true parameter to the part of your code which adds tabs. This parameter will add the cm-ajax-onclick class to your tabs.

  3. CSRF validation is now performed for the newsletters.add_subscriber controller in the customer area.

  4. CSRF validation is now performed for the em_subscribers.update controller in the customer area.

  5. Add-ons: Social login: HybridAuth library was updated to version 2.9.1

Hook Changes

New Hooks

This hook allows you to require CSRF validation in certain cases:

fn_set_hook('csrf_validate_request_pre', $params, $validation_required);

Core Functions

New Functions

  1. Get the parameters for endless scrolling:

  2. Get the data for the “Total” line of a sales report:

  3. Get the maximum value (quantity, or the amount of money) of any interval related to a sales report:

    fn_get_max_value_report_interval($report, $table_id)

New Classes

  1. \Tygh\Enum\ProductOptionTypes—enumeration of product option types.
  2. \Tygh\Domain\SoftwareProduct\Version—the methods for working with the product version (for example, for comparing version numbers).

Changed Functions

  1. // old:
    fn_get_order_reports($view = false, $report_id = 0)
    // new:
    fn_get_order_reports($view = false, $report_id = 0, $table_id = 0, $params = array())
  2. // old:
    fn_get_logo_image_path($logo_image, $type, $style_id)
    // new:
    fn_get_logo_image_path($logo_image, $type, $style_id, $theme_name = '')