Auth is a special entity that is used to acquire authenticated access to store areas without actually asking the user to enter the access credentials in a login form.

This entity supports only POST requests. In a response, it returns a generated session key and a ready-to-use link for the user to follow. This link can contain an optional redirect_url param, which defines where the user will be redirected immediatelly after they follow the generated link.


POST Params

Supported params are given below (mandatory param is marked with *).


Any param not listed below will be ignored if occurs in an API request JSON data.

  • email*—user login e-mail. Can be both an admin’s or a customer’s e-mail. If a not registered e-mail is provided, a 404 error is returned.
  • redirect_url—URL for the user to be redirected to immediatelly after following the link.


  • key—session key for the authenticated user.

  • link—authenication link for the user to follow. The link contains the session key (as the ekey param).

    If the redirect_url param was provided in the request, the link will contain the redirect_url param, and the user will be immediatelly redirected to the provided URL.