Blog Post Attributes

Blog posts that you can manage in the Website → Blog section have the following attributes:



  • Parent page - Page that will contain a link to this post. If it is not intended that the page has a parent page, select the Root level option.
  • Name - The header of the post.
  • Store - Store to which the post originally belongs (for users of CS-Cart).
  • Post description - Text of the blog post. It can be a plain text or a formatted HTML text. If you are not familiar with HTML, use the built-in WYSIWYG editor to create a formatted text.
  • Status - Status of the post: Active or Disabled.

Meta data

  • Page title - Title of the page, which is displayed in the title bar of the web browser. Required for SEO purposes.
  • META description - Contents of the HTML meta tag describing the page. Required for SEO purposes.
  • META keywords - Contents of the HTML tag containing a list of search keywords for the page. Required for SEO purposes.


  • User groups - User groups whose members can access the page.
  • Creation date - Date when the page was created.
  • Use available period - If selected, the post is available for a certain period of time only.
  • Available from - Date when the post becomes available for visitors.
  • Available till - Date until the post is available for visitors.



  • Facebook object type - Choose the object type on Facebook to characterize your page contents.



You must be logged in under the particular store administrator account to see this section

  • SEO name - Search engine friendly name of the page containing the published post.


  • Image - Upload an image to be shown as your blog post preview and at the beginning of the post.

Comments and reviews


You must be logged in under the particular store administrator account to see this section

  • Comments - Select box to enable or disable user comments and ratings for the page.


Make sure that the Social Buttons, Comments and Reviews, and SEO add-ons are enabled and configured in Add-ons → Manage add-ons.


This tab includes a list of tags associated with the page. Tags appear on the storefront in a special side box titled Tag cloud. More information about tags read here.

  • Tags – Tags that have been added to the post. Start typing in this field to add a new tag. You can choose among the existing variants or create a new tag.


List of user comments and ratings for the post.


Requires that the Comments field in the General tab be set to Communication, Rating, or both:

  • Name - Name of the user who left the comment/rating.
  • Your rating - User’s evaluation of the post.
  • Your message - Text of the comment.


This tab duplicates the global layout of the layout pages to which this storefront page belongs (Design → Layouts). By using this tab, you can disable blocks that are globally enabled, and, on the contrary, enable blocks that are globally disabled. This makes it possible to configure an individual layout for different storefront pages.

Any modification that you make under this tab will not affect other storefront pages.


Stores that share this post.


This tab appears only in CS-Cart, not in Multi-Vendor.