How To: Get Credentials for PayPal Adaptive Payments

When you create a payment method that uses PayPal Adaptive Payments, you’ll need to get API username, API password, Signature, and Application ID from the PayPal website.


You can also refer to PayPal Developer documentation to learn more about getting these credentials. Please note that you’ll need credentials for an NVP/SOAP API app.

Getting API username, API password, Signature

  1. Log in to your PayPal Business account on the PayPal website.

  2. Open the settings of your profile.

    Click the profile icon on the PayPal page.
  3. Select the My selling tools section on the left. Find API access on the list of settings and click the Update link to the right of it.

    Go to "My selling tools" section and update API access settings.
  4. A new page will open. While on that page, click Request API credentials.

    Go to "My selling tools" section and update API access settings.
  5. Choose Request API signature and submit your request.

    Choosing between API signature and certificate.
  6. You’ll be able to see your API username, API password, and signature by clicking the Show links next to them.

    Viewing your PayPal API credentials.

Getting Application ID


PayPal announced that will be permanently unavailable starting December 1, 2017. The description below will be out of date. Until an alternative PayPal solution for marketplaces is implemented in Multi-Vendor, please contact our technical support via Help Desk to start using PayPal Adaptive Payments.

  1. Log in to the PayPal Developer website using the credentials of the PayPal account registered to the application owner.

  2. Go to the My Applications page.

  3. Go to the NVP/SOAP API apps section and click Manage NVP/SOAP API apps.

    Managing your PayPal NVP/SOAP API apps.
  4. A new page will open. Click the New application button there.

    Applying for an Application ID.
  5. The application form will appear. Start filling it in.

  6. When you reach the Services used by app step:

    • Tick the Basic Payments checkbox and all its checkboxes, except for Implicit Send Money and Refunds or Chargebacks.

      Selecting which functionality of Basic Payments your store will use.
    • Tick the Chained Payments checkbox and select Instant payments to secondary receivers. When answering who pays the fees, select either Each receiver or Primary receiver; the add-on doesn’t support the Secondary receiver variant.

      Selecting how Chained Payments will be handled.
  7. Fill in the remaining fields in the form and click Submit app.