SEO Add-on: Technical Information

SEO name is a unique part of the full URL. In other words, there are might be two products with the same SEO name but in different categories. For example, men/shoes, women/shoes. If the SEO name already exists, when creating the identical one the index will be added.

Changing SEO name automatically creates a redirect from old URL. You can disable it by unticking the checkbox Create redirect from old URL that appears when you edit the SEO name.

The add-on directs search engines to index pages. The list of pages for each object is available at the seo/schemas/objects.php schema.

The add-on generates canonical URLs for products (a product page—canonical) and categories (a list of products with pagination—canonical, prev, next).

Add-on information of the individual product is displayed at the SEO tab.

The add-on generates meta-tags of a product page for Google Rich Snippets (based on The preview of the snippet is displayed at the SEO tab.

The add-on provides correct redirects (status 301) for alterable URLs, such as index.php, index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=12, etc.

Generating rules for different URLs are described in the seo/schemas/objects.php schema.