Images Are Not Uploaded or Imported from URLΒΆ

This problem may occur if URL file-access is disabled in your server configuration. Here’s how you can check whether or not URL file-access is enabled:

  1. Create a file called test.php with the following content:

    error_reporting(-1); // report all the errors
    ini_set("display_errors", "on");
    $page_contents = file_get_contents("");
    echo '<pre>';
    echo htmlspecialchars($page_contents); // output the page source code instead of the page itself
    echo '</pre>';


    Replace with the name of your domain, and your_cscart_directory with the name of the directory where CS-Cart is installed on your server.

    For example, if your store is available at, replace your_cscart_directory with store. If your store is available directly at, leave your_cscart_directory out of the code above and the link below.

  2. Upload test.php to the root directory of your CS-Cart installation.

  3. Try to open this file in a browser by entering the following URL:

    • If you see the content of store_closed.html, then URL file-access is enabled.

      If you still experience problems with importing images from URL, please contact our technical support via HelpDesk.

    • If you see an error, then URL file-access is disabled for your site.

      In this case the default PHP function file_get_contents does not work. Please contact your hosting administrator regarding this problem and ask them to enable this function on your account.