How To: Set up the Credit Card Offline Payment Method

To set up the credit card offline payment method, that does not use a real-time payment processor:

  1. In the Administration panel go to Administration → Payment methods.
  2. Click the + button on the right.
  3. Into the Name text input field enter the name.
  4. In the Processor selectbox choose Offline.
  5. In the Template drop-down select box select cc.tpl. If necessary, specify other fields and upload an image.
  6. Click Create.
Set up the Offline Payment
  1. Check this payment method:
    • Open storefront and go to checkout.
    • Select the added payment method in the Select a payment method section. The credit card form will be displayed below the selected payment.
    • After a customer has placed an order, his credit card information can be viewed on the Order Details page of the Administration panel and you will be able to process the order manually.


After a customer has placed an order, the order status will be Open. Make sure that the Remove CC info option is disabled for the Open order status.