Vendors are available only in Multi-Vendor.

Vendors are independent companies that sell their own products in your store. Every vendor has its own administration area, and can manage its own settings and products, configure shipping methods, etc.

View the list of the vendors in the Multi-Vendor administration panel under Vendors → Vendors.

A list of vendors in Multi-Vendor.

Vendors and Vendor’s Administrators

A vendor is an independent company with a separate administration panel. This panel can be accessed by the administrators associated with the vendor. These administrators are called vendor’s administrators; they can fill the catalog with the vendor’s products, manage the vendor’s sales, orders, shipping methods, control personal earnings and payout balance.

To view the list of vendor’s administrators, go to Customers → Vendor’s administrators. This section works as described in this document.

If you are the root administrator, you can assign a vendor’s administrator account to a vendor:

  • Go to Customers → Vendor’s administrators.
  • Click the name of the desired account.
  • Specify the associated vendor in Vendor select box.
  • Save your changes with the Save button.


For a vendor to be able to log in to the administration panel, there must be at least one vendor’s administrator account associated with this vendor.