Payment Methods



A payment has a number of properties, represented by fields.

The full list of supported fields is given below (mandatory fields are marked with *).


Any field not listed in the table below will be ignored if occurs in an API request JSON data.

Field name Description Default value Supported values
payment* Payment name string
a_surcharge Absolute surcharge 0.000 float
company_id Company ID Default company ID integer
description Payment description ‘’ string
image Payment icon {} See Main pair
instructions Payment instructions ‘’ string
lang_code Language code en
localization String of comma-separated localization IDs ‘’ string
p_surcharge Per cent surcharge 0.000 float
payment_category Payment category tab1
tab1—Credit card
tab2—Internet payments
tab3—Other payment options
payment_id Payment ID Set automatically integer
position Payment position in the payment list 0 integer
processor Payment processor name
One of the supported payment gateways or checkout providers
Leave empty for Offline
processor_id Payment processor ID 0 (offline) integer
processor_params Processor-specific parameters JSON object
processor_type Processor type
C for Checkout
P for Payment gateway
Leave empty for the Offline processor
Payment status
A for active
D for disabled
H for hidden
surcharge_title Surcharge title ‘’
tax_ids Tax IDs ‘’ String of comma-separated tax IDs
template Payment template views/orders/components/payments/business_check.tpl Valid path to a payment template
usergroup_ids User group IDs ‘0’ String of comma-separated user group IDs