CS-Cart 3.0.1 Changelog

New Features and Improvements

[+] New customer skin added.

[+] Ability to add taxes and title for a payment method added.

[+] Ability to select language during installation process added to Community edition.

[+] Bulgarian language pack added.

[+] JQuery color picker added.

[+] News and emails: Ability to import/export subscribers added.

[+] Payment surcharge taxes calculation added.

[+] Payments: CRE Secure: support of Payleap 2.0 added.

[+] Payments: DirectOne payment method added.

[+] Payments: eMerchantPay payment method added.

[+] Payments: Firstdata connect payment method added.

[+] Payments: Paysite Cash payment method added.

[+] Payments: Robokassa payment method added.

[+] Payments: eWay hosted payment added.

[+] Pop-ups: Auto-sized pop-ups support added.

[+] Quantity discounts: Ability to set percentage discounts added.

[+] Quick registration functionality added.

[+] Quick view product template (product details popup) added.

[+] RSS feed add-on added.

[+] Shippings: EMS shipping service added.

[+] Shippings: Smart Post support added to the FedEx shipping service.

[+] The ability to display product tabs in popups added.

[+] The Cart content block added.

[+] The Show this page in a popup window option added to page settings.

[+] Translation mode was added for settings.

[+] Watermarks add-on added.

Functionality Changes

[*] Ability to enter Canada ZIP code without space was added.

[*] Addons: Queries section may contain paths to files with SQL queries.

[*] After an add-on installation the scrollbar on the add-ons list page is automatically set to show the newly installed add-on.

[*] AJAX(Javascript)-based pagination setting for admin area removed.

[*] Apply for a vendor account: The Requested account name field added to the Editing vendor page in the administrator area.

[*] Autoload classes feature added.

[*] Banners management: The carousel template added.

[*] Block manager rewritten from scratch.

[*] Cart items layout modified.

[*] Discussion: Posting comments via AJAX added.

[*] Feedback: Private information was excluded. Array settings values are serialized for the output.

[*] Function ‘fn_detele_user_cart’ renamed to ‘fn_delete_user_cart’.

[*] Hot deals block add-on removed.

[*] Hot deals block added to the home page.

[*] JQuery UI Slider added.

[*] Login form moved to basic pop-up.

[*] Manage Add-ons page now work via AJAX.

[*] Multi-Vendor Edition: Buy together add-on: vendors can add their own combinations now.

[*] Multi-Vendor Edition: Location and tab Companies added to the block manager.

[*] Now users’ passwords use Salt for storage and generation.

[*] Order repaying form modified.

[*] Order statuses: The ability to select a status color added.

[*] Pagination: Ellipsis replaced with page ranges in customer area.

[*] Product details page modified.

[*] Product features speed improved.

[*] Product filters are disabled after disabling the corresponding product feature.

[*] Products inventory: The Inventory field is disabled if the Enable inventory tracking option is turned off.

[*] Products list: Sorting and select view blocks were modified. Items per page dropdown added.

[*] Products search: Ability to search by order id added.

[*] Products: Ability to sort additional images added.

[*] Products: The Apply values to all the selected products feature on the multiple update page refactored.

[*] Quantity discounts: The “Count product options when quantity discounts are calculated” option added.

[*] SEO: SEO names could not be defined for companies in Ultimate Edition, thus they have been removed.

[*] Settings: It is now possible to create a function defining whether a particular tab on an add-on setting page must be shown or not.

[*] Shipping estimation pop-up window modified.

[*] Shippings: Shipping cost is calculated on demand: destination and shipping method must be set manually.

[*] The “Base” skin renamed to “Basic”.

[*] The ‘$(document).ready(handler)’ and ‘$(window).ready(handler)’ syntaxes were replaced with short form ‘$(handler)’.

[*] The ‘jQuery’ variable name replaced with the ‘$’ alias.

[*] The ‘Reset password’ page texts and titles modified.

[*] The 960 Grid System CSS framework is now used in the customer area.

[*] The ability to select from available product sortings added.

[*] The basic skin default logo modified.

[*] The Calculate shipping cost block moved to a pop-up window.

[*] The fn_global_update_products function was renamed. Hooks were added.

[*] The fn_string_no_empty function was renamed to fn_string_not_empty.

[*] The old logo replaced on the gift certificate and invoice preview pages.

[*] The products_scroller2 and products_scroller3 templates removed.

[*] The Scroller products template options and layout were modified.

[*] The Updates server setting was moved to the config.php file.

[*] Translation mode toggle button moved to a separate page.

[*] Translation mode: Ability to translate printable pages added.

[*] User type of vendor’s administrators was changed to V.

[*] Wishlist add-on: Product list pagination added.

[*] Wishlist: The ability of calculating the number of identical products included in a configured product added.


[!] Access denied error was displayed on the Webmail add-on page. Fixed.

[!] Act on behalf: User would not log in automatically if user’s session was not already started. Fixed.

[!] Add-ons: Incompatible add-ons were disabled incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Ajax request param names were passed encoded in IE. Fixed.

[!] AJAX-based pagination disabled: Selected tab was not saved upon page changing. Fixed.

[!] An extra “or” text was displayed on the product details page. Fixed.

[!] Block Manager: Double quotes broke title attribute in grid mode. Fixed.

[!] Buy together add-on: A discount was not applied if a discounted price was equal to zero. Fixed.

[!] Buy together add-on: error occured when option images were clicked on the ‘Active promotions’ page. Fixed.

[!] Buy together add-on: Taxes for product combinations were always calculated for products with the quantity equal to 1, even if several identical combinations were added to the cart. Fixed.

[!] Calendar was not working after cloning rows on the product filters editing page. Fixed.

[!] Cart content: The lower ‘Recalculte’ button did not work. Fixed.

[!] Checkout: Shipping hash calculation could give different results for the same data. Fixed.

[!] Checkout: When the Create Multiple Accounts feature is enabled a new profile failed to be created on the second checkout step if Multiple Page Checkout was being used. Fixed.

[!] Codes in the notification saying about cutting codes were typed in one line. Fixed.

[!] Community: Searchanise: When importing full product information, data were sent several times. Fixed.

[!] Company name was shortened incorrectly at the top of the admin area. Fixed.

[!] Customer API: Category id was not taken into an account for featured categories and products. Fixed.

[!] Data Feed: Download link did not work. Fixed.

[!] Discount for price in points was calculated incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Downloadable product: Product would become inavailable for download after changing order status and clicking the Save button. Fixed.

[!] DPS payment: URL was changed according to new payment requirements.

[!] eNETS payment: New required field was added.

[!] Error when re-calling the function fn_get_schema. Fixed.

[!] Exim: An extra empty order would be created upon order items import. Fixed.

[!] Export of order items did not work for vendors. Fixed.

[!] Features: WYSIWYG editor did not appear if a feature had extended variants. Fixed.

[!] Feedback: Shipping statistic request fixed.

[!] File uploader: Uploading by URL did not work if path did not contain ‘http(s)’ prefix. Fixed.

[!] Gift certificates: Minicart was not updated after gift certificate adding/removing. Fixed.

[!] Gift registry: PHP notice was displayed on the view page event. Fixed.

[!] Gift serticate: JavaScript validator allowed to enter illegal numbers on update and creation pages. Fixed.

[!] Google checkout: A non-existing language variable was used. Fixed.

[!] Haute-Vienne was shown twice with different codes in France department list. Fixed: One instance replaced with Hautes-Alpes.

[!] Horizontal scrolling could get activated on certain Quick menu positions. Fixed.

[!] HTML symbols were not escaped in tooltips. Fixed.

[!] If product did not have main image, but had additional ones, these images were not displayed. Fixed.

[!] If the SEO add-on was enabled, some wrong URL addresses did not return the Page not found mistake, but showed the home page instead. Fixed.

[!] Images: Transparent background did not work if the Thumbnail background color option was absent. Fixed.

[!] In case the admin panel language is set to Spanish, Switzerland canton names were replaced with Spain province names. Fixed.

[!] Items per page dropdown did not work in the products picker. Fixed.

[!] Locations: New location added (Isle of Man).

[!] Logs: Assignment was used instead of comparing. Fixed.

[!] Mailing list: An incorrect name of the adding button. Fixed.

[!] Menus: Vendors could edit items from other stores. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition Act on behalf: Vendor would not log in automatically. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: A vendor had no ability to edit global options even if an option was created by himself/herself. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: Comments and Reviews add-on module: Some language variables were missing. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: Owner of product options was not changed after changing the owner of product.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: Permission schemas for vendors were not loaded from add-ons. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: Product import: Company id of product was changed after importing product with the same Product code and another company id.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: Products with status ‘pending’ and ‘disapproved’ were taken into account when calculating product number with product filters. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: The ‘Apply for a vendor account’ link was not displayed on the ‘Vendor details’ page. Fixed.

[!] Multi-Vendor Edition: The More link led to the 404 page if company description was too long. Fixed.

[!] Name of shipping method was not changed after changing the cart language on the order details page. Fixed.

[!] Name of shipping method was not displayed in the supplier invoice. Fixed.

[!] Node cloning: Disabled nodes completely disappeared in IE9. Fixed.

[!] Only 10 variants of a product feature was displayed on the product page in the administration panel. Fixed.

[!] Order invoice: The Address type field value failed to save. Fixed.

[!] Order management: Discount value was not saved if it had been set to 0 by admin. Fixed.

[!] Order management: If a separate product code was set to a product option combination, it would not be shown in the 3rd step. Fixed.

[!] Order management: If tax value was manually set to 0 in the 3rd step, it would reset to the default value in the 4th step. Fixed.

[!] Order management: It was impossible to enter 0 as shipping cost in the 3rd step of editing, the cost would fall back to the previous value. Fixed.

[!] Order management: Manually entered shipping price was saved incorrectly on order creation if suppliers were enabled. Fixed.

[!] Orders management: If payment method was removed, errors appeared on order status changing. Fixed.

[!] Orders management: Shipping price displayed incorrectly on the third step. Fixed.

[!] Orders picker: AJAX-requests were not supported by search form. Fixed.

[!] Orders picker: Wrong extra parameters were displayed in the ordered products pop-up window. Fixed.

[!] Pages: entities were not escaped. Fixed.

[!] Payments: Orders were always placed as Processed when customer used WestPac payment. Fixed.

[!] Payments: Paysite Cash payment refactored.

[!] Payments: Servired: customer was unable to re-place order if the card number had been entered incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] PayPal Pro: Missing AVS code was added.

[!] PHP warning was displayed if incorrect settings for thumbnails were set up. Fixed.

[!] Product code and quantity data were lost upon combination rebuilding.

[!] Product code was lost upon existing combination adding.

[!] Product configurator: Notice about product groups with no assigned steps not being listed in picker added.

[!] Product configurator: Order total was calculated incorrectly in the cart. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator: Product image was displayed in the popup without resize. Fixed.

[!] Product configurator: Products from disabled categories were added to the groups in the customer area. Fixed.

[!] Product filter by amount worked incorrectly with product options. Fixed.

[!] Product images were not displayed after opening an affiliate link. Fixed.

[!] Product options: An image upload section appeared for a single variant when a checkbox type option was refreshed. It was supposed to be hidden. Fixed.

[!] Product options: If a product had sequential type options and Track with options was checked, the product code would not be selected for combination on the cart page. Fixed.

[!] Product pagination did not work with some encodings. Fixed.

[!] Product SEO name was generated as ‘product-nnn’ instead of product name if products were imported with empty SEO names. Fixed.

[!] Product SEO name: Several slovak characters were cut out by mistake. Fixed.

[!] Products cloning: Options combinations positions were not copied. Fixed.

[!] Products picker: Items adding did not work if the By together add-on was enabled. Fixed.

[!] Products scroller: Arrow buttons scroll direction did not correspond the buttons icons and position. Fixed.

[!] Products: There cannot be the preview link for ROOT admin.

[!] Promotions: Calendar selection button was available even if the field was disabled. Fixed.

[!] Promotions: Usergroups should not be applied to admin if they have logged in to the customer area. Fixed.

[!] Quantity discounts: Product price for usergroup was diplayed on the global search page in the administrator area. Fixed.

[!] Quantity discounts: The ability to ignore option combinations was added.

[!] Quick view: Buttons block disappeared after AJAX reload. Fixed.

[!] Quick view: Mini thumbnails did not work with the ‘Display mini thumbnail images as a gallery’ option. Fixed.

[!] Recurring billing: If there were many recurring billing events, SQL queries ran very slowly. Fixed.

[!] Russian encoding symbols were shown incorrectly in the Excel price List. Fixed. The PHP Excel library was integrated. Product images support was added.

[!] Sales Reports: If all order statuses were selected, all payment modes were also selected. Fixed.

[!] Save button was not displayed on the password change page if a usergroup without ‘Manage users’ permission was assigned. Fixed.

[!] Search results pages with mixed objects differed from pages with products only. Fixed.

[!] Searchanise add-on: The match mode was changed for the search form in the store.

[!] Send feedback: SQL error appeared if the Affiliate add-on was not installed. Fixed. Adding add-ons info was moved to the hooks.

[!] SEO names were generated independently on object name on different object creating. Fixed.

[!] SEO: Category name was duplicated. Fixed.

[!] SEO: SEO rules were parsed incorrectly, so some pages may have been accessible by the same address. Fixed.

[!] SEO: Shared product path was shown incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Shipments: Order creation date would be shown on the detailed shipment page instead of the shipment creation date. Fixed.

[!] Some variants of the product features were not displayed on the product details page. Fixed.

[!] Sorting did not work before AJAX load. Fixed.

[!] Statistics: Browser version field was too short. Fixed.

[!] Store Locator: Map was displayed incorrectly in the admin area. Fixed.

[!] Subtotal-based taxes: Taxes were calculated incorrectly if ‘Catalog promotion’ had been applied with ‘Cart promotion’. Fixed.

[!] Suppliers: Shipping freight for EDP products was calculated incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Tabs on the update profile page did not work. Fixed.

[!] Tax priorities were ignored during shipping price calculating on checkout. Fixed.

[!] Taxes: In case 2 or more taxes with different priority were applied to a product: the tax not included in price would have been calculated incorrectly if the tax included in price had been applied before. Fixed.

[!] Template editor: The delete file icon and message were non-informative. Fixed.

[!] The ‘Gift registry’ page styles partially refactored.

[!] The fn_sort_array_by_key function mixed the array even if values of all keys were the same.

[!] The REAL_HOST constant was defined incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] The styles were incorrect if the “join_css” setting was on. Fixed.

[!] Too long HTTP-requests were shown on the logs view page incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] Ultimate Edition: The ‘Ship to a different address’ link was visible but did not work after hiding profile fields. Fixed.

[!] Upgrade center: PHP warning about too much free disk space was displayed. Fixed.

[!] UPS & FedEx: If address line contained a “&” symbol, shipping price was not returned.

[!] UPS shipping: UPS negotiated rates used incorrect Postal code and Country code values. Fixed.

[!] User order statuses were intersected with cart predefined order statuses if user added more than 9 own order statuses. Fixed.

[!] Warning about changed shipping rates appeared after switching language in the checkout step. Fixed.

[!] Wishlist button displayed incorrectly when the Back in stock functionality enabled. Fixed.

[!] {#2579} Suppliers: If the suppliers functionality was enabled, Order Department and User no longer received email notifications when an order was processed immediately. Fixed.

[!] {#2779} Sorting by name did not work on the news page. Fixed.

[!] {#2784} Recurring Billing: A subscription would start even if the respective order had not been finally placed and remained Incomplete. Fixed.

[!] {#2784} Recurring Billing: Incorrect recurring price. Fixed.

[!] {#2785} Recurring Billing: Subscription status was removed from customer search form.

[!] {#2792} Order update: Save payment without process was disabled. Fixed.

[!] {#2799} Form builder: Disabled selectable elements were displayed as empty lines. Fixed.

[!] {#2802} The tracking parameter was not taked into account on product search. Fixed.

[!] {#2842} Profile fields (Fax, URL, Company) were not displayed on print invoice. Fixed.

[!] {#2843} Product options: Option values were encoded incorrectly for AJAX-request. Fixed.

[!] {#2854} Recovery password: Both form and button titles used the same language variable. Fixed.

[!] {#2866} Products details page: Product files tables were too narrow. Fixed.

[!] {#2872} If the Thumbnail format setting was not set to same as source, a preview was generated even if it already existed. Fixed.

[!] {#2875} Language variable errors fixed.

[!] {#2886} Products import: Images alternative text was cleared even if images were not imported. Fixed.

[!] {#2896} Menus: Menu could not be disabled. Fixed.

[!] {#2897} Mini thumbnails did not work with the ‘Display mini thumbnail images as a gallery’ option. Fixed.

[!] {#2906} Jcarousel callback caused an error on the ‘beforeunload’ event in IE 8. Fixed.

[!] {#2909} The ‘and’ conjuction term was hardcoded in the ‘fn_generate_name’ function. Fixed.

[!] {#2913} Menus: Current element was not active. Fixed.

[!] {#2914} Optional/mandatory field marks were displayed incorrectly. Fixed.

[!] {#2929} The name section was missing after an old scheme add-on had been installed. Fixed.

[!] {#2944} Vertical scrolling was displayed in popup window. Fixed.

[!] {#2952} Settings: State select did not work correctly. Fixed.

[!] {#2965} Newsletter: HTML body preview caused a ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function’. Fixed.

[!] {#2988} Settings: Duplicate variant and settings names collisions fixed.

[!] {#3010} The ‘Add to cart’ button was not displayed in the ‘Grid’ template. Fixed.

[!] {#3039} Store locator: Block was missing. Fixed.

[!] {#3100} Ultimate Edition: The ‘Title’ field values did not correspond the customer’s company on the customer editing page. Fixed.