Address for Shipping Cost Calculation

CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor need the address of the store and the address of the customer to calculate shipping costs. A customer can enter the address when placing an order or creating the account.

Default Customer Address

The Settings → General page allows you to specify the Default location, in other words, the default customer address. It will be used in the following cases:

  • The customer proceeds to checkout for the first time.
  • The customer doesn’t enter the data required for shipping rate calculation.
  • You ship only to specific are (for example, New York), and you want to remove the extra fields.
The default location serves as the default address for customers.

Company Address

The Settings → Company page allows you to specify the sender address (the address of your store and warehouse).


If you have multiple warehouses or suppliers, you can use the functionality of the “Suppliers” add-on.

The "Settings → Company" page in CS-Cart contains the sender's address.