Gift CertificatesΒΆ

This add-on enables your customers to purchase and use gift certificates in your store.

A gift certificate is the best solution for customers who don’t know what to buy as a present. A customer can order a gift certificate with specific parameters:

  • The name and address or email of the person to receive the certificate.
  • The certificate’s worth in the store’s currency.
  • A message to the recipient of the certificate.
  • Any products to be bundled with the certificate; the recipient will get these products for free.

Once a gift certificate is created, the customer adds it to cart and orders it as a regular product. Administrator can configure the store so that the order must get a certain status before the certificate is activated and sent to the recipient.

A person who received the certificate can then visit your web store, choose products from the catalog and add them to cart. At checkout he or she will be offered to redeem the certificate by entering the certificate’s code. The certificate’s worth will be subtracted from the order total. If the certificate doesn’t cover the order total completely, the rest of the sum can be paid via any available payment method.

Certificates never expire and can be used to pay for orders at any time. It is also possible to use the same certificate for multiple orders if the certificate’s worth hasn’t been spent entirely.


The only limitation concerning gift certificates is that it is impossible to pay for an order with a gift certificate if the order contains nothing but another gift certificate.