How To: Configure the Mobile Storefront


The Twigmo add-on is deprecated. If you need to manage your store from a mobile device, we recommend using the Responsive Admin Panel [Beta] add-on (available in the distribution since version 4.7.3).

  • Go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.
  • Find the Twigmo add-on in the list and click the gear button, choose Manage.


If you do not see the Twigmo add on in the Installed add-ons tab, switch to the Browse all available add-ons tab, find the add-on, and click Install.

  • Switch to the Mobile Storefront tab.

  • Complete the storefront settings:

    • Show mobile version for — select checkboxes near the device types, for which the mobile version of your store will be displayed.
    • Home page content — choose the necessary content of the mobile Home page.
    • Design — click the Visual Editor button to access Twigmo Visual Editor where you can customize your mobile storefront.
    • Mobile Storefront logo — upload an image for the logo of the mobile storefront.
    • iOS device home screen icon — use this setting, if you want to change Twigmo home screen icon for iOS device.
    • Enable geolocation — if enabled, shipping and billing address fields will be populated with the address determined by a geolocation service on the registration and checkout pages.
    • Show only user profile fields marked as required — if enabled, only required profile fields in the account information will be shown on the Register page of the mobile version of your store.
    Mobile storefront
    • Show product code on product details page — if selected, product code is displayed above the price on product details page.
    • Send push notifications about order status update to the mobile store app users — if selected, the users of your mobile store app receive push notifications to their mobile devices when the order thay placed changes its status.
    • URL of your Facebook page/Twitter page/app on iTunes App Store/app on Google Play — enter URLs to connect your apps or pages on social networks to the mobile version of your store. Corresponding social network icons will appear on the mobile storefront.
  • Click the Save button.


For geolocation, we use GeoLite2 databases created by MaxMind, available from