Block Templates


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The following templates are used in blocks.

Authentication information

Standard use authentication form.

Blog: recent posts

Posts appear as a list of links.

Blog: recent posts scroller

Scrolled list of blog posts.

Cart content

Standard mini-cart to be placed on the storefront pages.


Layout intended for the content appearing in the center of the page.


A list of supported currencies defined in Administration → Currencies. Appearance options should be configured in the block settings.

Feature comparison

List of products selected for comparison.

Gift certificate

Form to apply a gift certificate to the order.

Gift certificate verification

Field to enter the number of a gift certificate.


Items (item thumbnail next to a text link) arranged in a grid.

Grid 2

Items (item thumbnail above a text link) arranged in a grid.

HTML block

Custom HTML content.

HTML block with Smarty support

Custom HTML/Smarty content.


Regular RSS feed icon to the store RSS feed.


List of storefront languages defined in Administration → Languages.

Multi-column list

List of items arranged in multiple columns. Number of columns is defined through the template option Number of columns in the objects list.

Multi-column list

Multicolumns small

List of small items arranged in multiple columns.

My account

Links to the account details of the logged in customer.

Newsletter subscription form

Form to subscribe to newsletters.

Order information

Order details on the checkout page.


Box with all available product filters and a price slider.

Our Brands

A list of product brands that are defined as features with the Brand/Manufacturer type.

Payment systems icons

Icons of the supported payment systems in the store.


Icons of all the available payment methods in the store.


Products are displayed in the box just the same as they are displayed in a typical product list.

Products in cart

Cart contents displayed during the checkout process.


Products are displayed with thumbnails and price, and are arranged in multiple columns.

Products grid

Products are displayed with big thumbnails and price, and are ordered by grid.

Profile information

Profile details of a customer who has logged in. These include login credentials and personal data.


Scrolled list of products.

Search field

Regular search form.

Shipping estimation

Box with estimated shipping rates.


Icons of all the available shipping methods in the store.

Short list

Products are displayed with small thumbnails, and are arranged in a table.

Site News

A list of links to recently added news according to the date.

Small items

Product thumbnail with a text link to the product page.

Store locator

Location of your store on Google’s map as specified in Add-ons → Store locator.


Template to display the order summary on the checkout page.

Tag cloud

List of tags that the store administrator created in Website → Tags.


List of testimonials submitted by the customers. To manage testimonials, use the Website → Testimonials section.

The 404 Not Found Error Message

Textual notification for users that the requested page cannot be found.


List of active vendors accounts in the store.


This template is available only for Multi-Vendor.

Without image

Simple text link together with the product price.