How To: Create a Custom Form

Step 1. Activate the Form Builder Add-on

1.1. In the Administration panel, go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.

1.2. Make sure the Form Builder add-on has an Active status.

Step 2. Create a Form

2.1. Go to Website → Pages.

2.2. Click the + button and choose Add form.

2.3. Configure the form settings on the General tab:

  • Parent page—choose the parent page for the form.
  • Name—enter the name of the form (e.g., Contact us).
  • Speсify other fields, if necessary.
Enter the name of the form and select the parent page on the general tab.

2.4. Configure the settings on the Form builder tab:

  • Email subject field—a completed form is sent to a specific email address. Here you can specify the subject of the email:
    • Form name—the name of the form will serve as the email subject.
    • Other subject—a text field will appear below, and you’ll be able to enter the subject manually.
  • Form submit text—enter the text that customers will see after submitting the form.
  • E-mail to—enter the e-mail address where the notifications will be sent to.
  • Add fields to your form. There are standard fields (select box, text area, radio group, etc.) and special fields (date, e-mail, number, phone, etc.).


You can allow users to attach files to the form—create a field and set its Type to File.

2.5. Click Create.

Use the Form Builder tab to specify the form fields and the email address where to send the completed forms.

Step 3. Set a Form Field as Email Subject


This is an optional step available since version 4.3.7.

When you edit a form that already exists, you can select one of the existing fields as Email subject field. This field must have one of the following types:

  • Input field
  • Select box


Remember to click Save once you’ve changed the form as you like.

After you create a form, you can set