Gift Certificates Add-on Settings

To manage the settings of the Gift certificates add-on, go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons and click on the name of the add-on. A pop-up window with the following settings will open:

  • Minimal amount—the minimum allowed worth of a new gift certificate.

  • Maximal amount—the maximum allowed worth of a new gift certificate.

  • GC code prefix—the prefix that will appear before the codes of all gift certificates created in your store.

  • Gift certificates per page—the number of gift certificates that appears on a single page in the Administration panel.

  • Allow to use free products—if you enable this setting, customers or administrators will be able to bundle gift certificates with products that the recipient will get for free once he or she redeems the gift certificate code.


    The price of bundled products is paid by the person who orders the certificate.

  • Allow to redeem shipping cost with gift certificate—if you enable this setting, customers will be able to use gift certificates to pay shipping costs, not only the cost of products.