How To: Set up the Newsletters Add-on

  • In the administration panel go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons.
  • Make sure the Newsletters add-on has an Active status.


This add-on is incompatible with the E-mail marketing add-on. Disable the E-mail marketing add-on to use Newsletters.

  • Click on the name of the add-on.
  • In the General tab enter the desired parameters in the following fields:
    • Newsletters sent per step - Number of email messages that can be sent at a time.
    • Method of sending e-mails - Method you prefer to send newsletters through (external SMTP server or PHP mail function).
  • If you choosed via SMTP server, specify SMTP server settings:
    • SMTP host - Host name of the SMTP server.
    • SMTP username - Username to connect to the SMTP server.
    • SMTP password - Password to connect to the SMTP server.
    • Use SMTP authentication - Select if your SMTP server requires authentication.
  • In the Promotions tab choose a promotion whose promo code will be given at subscription. Or choose not to give a promo code.
  • Click Save.